Finding Your Tire Size

When shopping for new tires for your vehicle, one of the first things to identify is your tire size. The tire size for your vehicle can be easily found on the sidewall of your tires. It can also be found on your vehicle's door placard.

Your tire sidewall displays a series of numbers that identify your specific tire size. Once you find the series of numbers on your tire’s sidewall, use the diagram provided and the list below to find the meaning of each number.

Reading a Tire Sidewall

  • Tire class - this identifies the correct use of the tire. For example, a "P" designation means that it is a passenger car tire. An "LT" designation is for a light truck. No letter before the width indicates that it is a European metric tire.
  • Section width - the section width of a tire is the width of the tire measured in mm from sidewall to sidewall. This tire width is 205 mm.
  • Aspect ratio - this number identifies the ratio of the height of the tire's cross-section to its width. Here, 65 means that the height is equal to 65% of the tire's width.
  • Tire construction - this identifies how the layers of the tire were put together. "R" stands for radial construction, meaning that the layers run radially across the tire. "B" stands for bias construction, meaning that the layers run diagonally across the tire.
  • Wheel diameter - also called the rim diameter, this measurement is the width of the wheel from one end to the other. The diameter of this wheel is 16 in.

When shopping for new tires, use this information match the numbers from your tire to one of the size options listed. Click here to shop for tires by tire size.



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