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Stylish Gazebos, Pergolas, and Canopies

At Fleet Farm, we have the perfect gazebo, pergola, or canopy for your specific occasion. With a variety of styles, price points and materials, you won’t regret choosing Fleet Farm’s inventory of products.


If you need something simple and affordable, a canopy would likely be the best option for you. Our canopies are stock are affordable, simple, and easy to set up and take down. Canopies are great for outdoor entertaining, sporting events, tailgating, and more.

Gazebos vs. Pergolas - What’s the Difference?

The main difference is the functionality of the roof. A Gazebo has a solid roof that doesn’t let any sunlight in. A pergola has a slatted roof, allowing sunlight to shine through the roof. We have functional gazebos and pergolas that can be set up and taken down easily. We have other permanent options that we suggest you leave up long term. If you’re looking for covers for your gazebo or pergola, check out our patio accessories for some great options.

Seating Options for your Gazebo, Pergola, or Canopy

We have numerous options for seating and tables that would fit well with your chosen gazebo, pergola, or canopy. From foldable tables and chairs to more permanent seating options, we’ve got it all. Check out our patio sets for some customizable options.

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