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Protection From the Sun

Sitting outside on a warm, sunny day with a cold drink in hand is one of the best ways to experience summer. The patio umbrellas that we have in stock are large enough to cover a large amount of space on your patio or deck. We have patio umbrellas that fit with our patio furniture and tables or umbrellas that stand alone.

Stand Alone Patio Umbrellas

What’s great about a stand alone patio umbrella is you can transport it anywhere. It could be a beautiful staple piece on your patio, or you could bring the umbrella over to the side of your pool for some extra shade. Take it with you to the beach, or on a camping trip, or to a soccer game. With the many sizes of umbrellas we have available, you can choose small or large to fit whatever space or activity you need it for.

Replacement Umbrella for Your Patio Table

The patio umbrellas we have in stock are extremely versatile. They are built sturdy to fit with any table that has an umbrella attachment, and we have additional accessories that allow you to move the umbrella in and out from the table. A patio umbrella can be a really beautiful staple to your patio or poolside.

Patio Umbrella with LED lights

Check out our patio umbrellas with LED lighting for a nighttime experience you’ve never imagined. Warm, inviting lights add a bit of warmth and glow to your nighttime entertainment. Pair this umbrella with one of the beautiful patio collections we have available and you’ve got a unique space that fits your style and budget. Add this umbrella to your patio or poolside lounge area and amp up those summer evenings like never before.

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