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People ice fishing on a lake

Rod Holders & Storage

Take care of your investment with fishing rod storage solutions from Fleet Farm.

  • $3.19
    $2.00  CLEARANCE
  • Flambeau
  • Cannon
    $59.99 - $99.99

Fishing Pole Storage

Fishing Rod Racks & Mounts for Home

Protect your fishing rods from tangling and rusting, and keep terminal tackle tucked away and safe from being toyed with through easy-to-stage fishing rod storage solutions.

Vertical Rod Racks

Vertical fishing rod racks are corrosion proof and store fishing poles neatly and securely. Place these wall-mounted racks next to additional shelving in your garage or basement to keep fishing bags and boxes, fishing equipment and other fishing accessories all in one place for easy access.

Horizontal Rod Racks

Horizontal fishing rod racks are durable, lightweight and constructed to support the entire length of the rod making them ideal for mounting on the ceiling of a garage, cabin or boat without the risk of unwanted rod warping or bending.

Freestanding Rod Racks

For easy, hands-free installation, save wall space with freestanding fishing rod racks with rust resistant frames to keep your rods organized and in optimal condition before your next big catch.

Fishing Rod Holders for Boats

Interior Installation vs Exterior Installation

The rod holder you choose depends on the shape and size of your boat.

  • Interior Installation: Horizontal fishing rod holders provide quick and easy installation at your preferred location within the cabin or ceiling of the boat to leave your cockpit free of wires and obstructions.
  • Exterior Installation: Attach individual rod holders to the gunwale of your boat to set hooks and remove rods in with ease.

Removable Fishing Rod Rests & Holders

Removable rod holders are perfect for recreational anglers who prefer budget-friendly or temporary pole support solutions for the occasional, casual fishing day or camping trips. Explore clamp-on rod holder mounts for canoes and kayaks.

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