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Person using a hand shovel in the dirt of a garden

Lawn & Garden Tools

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Garden Tools & Accessories for Planting, Digging, Weeding, Tilling & Watering

Tools for Planting Preparation

Starting a garden from scratch starts with defining an area of land for your planting bed to exist, breaking ground, and carving out space to lay seed.

Digging Tools

Digging tools help modify the layout of the soil for new seeds to be planted. Shovels, post-hole diggers, and spades cut through sod, shape (or reshape) a garden bed, churn soil, and carve out planting holes for seeds.

Striking Tools

Another type of digging instrument good for prying and hoeing through gardenscapes with dense, hard-to-churn soil, are axes, picks, and striking tools.

Truper mattocks, sledge hammers, and tillers allow gardeners to chop through and clear away stubborn roots embedded deep in the soil with minimal manpower. 

Gardening Gloves & Accessories

Use planters, plant prop support and hanging baskets to create a space home-grown florals and fresh produce without a yard.

Kinco gardening gloves and Midwest Quality Gloves help protect you from infection-inducing bacteria and fungi in the soil and come in a variety of materials including: suede-cowhide combinations, polyester-latex blends, pigskin, bamboo, cotton canvas, and more.

Post-Flowering Cleanup & Soil Maintenance

Pruning Tools

Pruning tools help encourage a plant’s natural shape and create room for new blooms and growth by removing dead, damaged, or diseased branches and left-over flowering debri on shrubs and trees that could otherwise stress the plant. The appropriate time to prune is determined by the growth habits of the plant.

Hand shears, pruning shaws, hedge clippers, lopping shears, and tree pruners allow gardeners to closely cut the hardest of branches and trim small, delicate flower stems and twigs without harming the plant.

Garden Hoes vs Garden Forks

Truper garden hoes are good for tilling, cultivating and cut through shallow rooted weeds situated right underneath the soil surface.

On the other hand, garden forks also help churn soil and make raking out stones and weeds a breeze.

Carrying & Hauling Tools

Wheelbarrows and garden carts are handy for moving rocks and mulch with maximum maneuverability in order to insulate soil and regulate its temperature. Polar Trailer wheelbarrows and Gorilla Carts make transferring large shrubs and properly discarding garden debris easy and efficient.

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