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Garden Supplies

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Outdoor Gardening Supplies & Gifts

Plant Protection & Supports

Plant cages, folding fences, stakes, and tree wound sealers for the garden help protect flowers and vegetables, like tomatoes from unwanted critters and encourage healthy growth for vining plants. Panacea plant support products are good for keeping the largest and tallest plants contained without blocking them from sun, rain and ensuring optimal levels of oxygen circulation.

Garden Plant Food

Garden plant food at Fleet Farm takes the guesswork out of feeding—it’s good for supplying nutrients to soil in order for plants to produce their own food, grow fuller, produce more flowers and fruit, promote pest control, and prevent unwanted pests and infectious diseases.

Miracle-Gro plant food, Espoma plant food, and Jobe’s plant food feed plants quickly, contains essential nutrients to support root strength and development, and are easy to spread and water into the soil post-application. For larger outdoor spaces like your lawn, attach a heavy-duty spreader or sprayer to a riding lawn mower and spread everything from lawn fertilizer to grass seed to ice melt.

Seed Starters

Seed-starters make it easier for small seedinglings to grow due to their finer texture and lighter weight when compared to standard potting or gardening soil. Jiffy seed-starting mixes ensure seedling growth to start-off strong and make the planting process mess-free.

Garden Fertilizers

Fertilizers for the garden help enrich soil, especially if plants have been harvested in the past, but shouldn't be used as a substitute to stimulate soil to the extent that plant food does through micronutrients. 

Miracle-Gro garden fertilizer, Espoma garden fertilizer, and Earth Science garden fertilizer support the growth of a range of different plants including: plants that tolerate or crave direct sunlight, shade-loving plants, and specific plant species such as wildflowers, daisies, perennials, zinnias, organic vegetables, and more. 

Weed Killers

Garden weed killers destroy tough weeds with aggressive root systems, crabgrass, dandelions (and more) and come in a variety of application types including: liquid weed killers, ready-to-spray weed killers, fast-acting concentrates without damaging your flower bed or lawn.

Control soil-born turf disease, and protect your plants’ water and nutrient supply by removing fast-growing, harmful weeds with ORTHO weed killer, Bonide weed killer, Roundup weed killer and more.

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