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For Riding Waves, Flat Water Paddling, & Racing

Get the family out on the water for leisurely activities and a healthy strength and conditioning workout or kick your paddle board racing career into high gear with stand-up paddle boards and paddle board paddles and accessories.

Stand-Up Paddle Boards by Hull Type

The hull is the shape or body of the paddle board and is built using one of two basic designs—planing paddleboards and displacement paddle boards.

Planing paddle boards typically come in the form of wider, flatter shapes, allowing them to stay situated at the very top of the water’s surface, encouraging easy maneuverability and greater stability for paddle board beginners who are testing the waters with casual paddling or surfing-related activities.

Displacement paddle boards are a hybrid of a kayak and a surfboard in that they take on a more narrow shape that’s able to cut through the water at optimal speeds and require less energy to paddle than a planing hull, making them a solid fit for more seasoned paddleboarders opting to go long distances or participate in competitions with maximum agility.

Stand-Up Paddle Board by Construction Style

Inflatable paddle boards are durable and good for universal paddle boarding activities. Their outer layer material composition consists of strong PVC plastic making them exceptionally lightweight, easy to store, and more frequently used due to their increased portability in contrast to “harder” boards.

Solid paddle boards otherwise known as “rigid” or “hard” paddle boards are typically made of fiberglass and resin that have a protective outer layer against sharp rocks and other hazardous environmental objects making them ideal for experienced paddle boarders racers and adventurers who frequent climates with adverse weather conditions.

Paddle Board Safety

Life Vests for adults and kids are designed to provide minimum buoyancy necessary to save a person in an emergency and according to the United States Coast Guard (USCG) regulations, are a required accessory for all paddleboards to bring with them (and wear them if they’re under the age of 12).

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