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Types of Live Bait

Nightcrawlers for Sale

Nightcrawlers, or earthworms, have a long shelf life and are chemical free making them safe to have around pets and who join you on boating expeditions. Try garlic scented nightcrawlers to attract fish with a more pungent smell—panfish, bass, walleye, trout, and catfish will eat it up.

Leeches for Sale

Using lively leeches for bait in shallow or deep waters is the perfect way to catch leech-loving fish like smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Red Worms for Sale

Buy red worms, or red wigglers, can be used in any environment, including ice fishing, brackish waters and fresh water making them ideal for any angling adventure.

Using Live Bait to Fish


Most live fishing worms require minimal maintenance outside of changing out a fresh bedding of soil every three to six months and providing cooler temperatures (usually with a refrigerator) to create an environment that promotes low metabolism and low energy absorption, while sustaining a healthy amount of activity until used. Use the old dirt as a natural fertilizer for the garden.


First, make sure the fishing hook is correctly tied on your line using a clinch knot, palomar knot, turle knot, blood knot, double surgeon's loop, mono knot, or a tucked sheet bend to make sure it’s fastened tightly.

Fishing Licenses

Purchase or renew your fishing license or hunting license at any Fleet Farm location to help protect, conserve, and enhance local fishery environments and access.

Fishing Line

Find the best fishing line that come in a variety of lengths, materials, weights, and thicknesses fit for a wide range of different fishing rods, reels, and lures to sucker in your next big catch.

Other Types of Lures

Explore our versatile selection of fishing baits and lures including: hard baits, soft baits, live bait rigs,jigs, spoons, spinners and more.

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