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Benefits of Buying New Farm Implements

Farm implements are any type of machinery, tool or part used to help eliminate or reduce manual labor, improve farm fertility, and aid overall production.

While buying used mechanical devices can save small farms money in the short-term, investing in new, tried-and-tested farm equipment and parts can give farmers’s the advantage of gaining access to new technology for effective larger scale farming operations. Not to mention, new farming equipment can come with product warranties and an added layer of service and support that you might not get with buying used.

Replacement Parts for Agricultural Equipment & Farm Machinery

Keep your horticultural operations running quickly and efficiently with plates, bolts, chains, attachments and links for your tractors, planters, grain drills, plows, mowers and sprayers.

Different Types of Tractor Attachments


King Kutter tillershelp you loosen soil in more shallow areas of ground and move the more nutrient dense soil up to the ground’s surface in order to better nurture crop growth.


Cultivators are another type of tillage tool used strictly for churning narrow rows of soil to encourage fast crop growth and destroy weeds—they don’t have the ability to break ground like tillers do.

Finishing Mowers

For farms (or golf courses) with large landscapes, finishing mowers are used to cut grass and vegetation and have blades that are situated slightly lower to the ground than rotary cutters or traditional lawn mowers in order to groom the grass with a more uniform cut. They’re typically attached to a tractor or a farm ATV or UTV.

Wagons or Trailers

For transporting bales of hay and larger farm vehicles (and attachments), dispensing fertilizer, gathering wood, or taking your produce to market, try one of our self-centering wagons.

Seeders & Spreaders

Used to distribute seeds and fertilizers evenly across farmland, our selection of seeders and spreaders maximize coverage with less effort required on your part.

Disc Harrows

Unlike cultivators, disc harrows help you pulverize soil deep below its surface by uprooting weeds in order to prepare a fresh new seed bed. Disc harrows are the perfect option for farmers who need to break soil for wide areas of land.

Farm Implement Parts & Accessories

Shop our top-rated disc blades, steele baler tooths, and hitch pins to add to a disc harrow for efficient soil tillage and preparation, a bayler for compressing cut crops, and hitch pins to connect implements, trailers and other 3-point attachments to tractors.

Specialized Tractor Parts & Accessories

Perform agricultural tasks with even greater ease and efficiency with comfy tractor seats that promote good posture and prevent long-term back problems, mufflers that effectively exhaust harmful gases away from the soil, and lights for optimal viewing and safety conditions.

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