Basic Tire Care Tips

Taking care of your tires is a worthwhile investment. You can extend the life and performance of your tires by keeping up with routine maintenance. Learn how to better care for your tires and your vehicle with Fleet Farm's recommended basic tire care tips.

Check Your Tire Pressure:

Checking your tire pressure is the most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your tire. When not properly inflated, you'll notice poor mileage and driving experience and increased tread wear. We recommend checking your tire pressure monthly and make sure tires are cold. Refer to your tire placard for appropriate tire pressure.

Note: The appropriate pressure is not listed on the tire itself. Use the tire pressure stated on the tire placard. For more details on how to read your tire placard, click here.


Proper alignment provides even wear on all four tires. This helps extend the life of the tire, gives better milage, increased safety and better handling. Your alignment should be checked yearly, or sooner, if abnormal wear is noticed during tire rotations. For more details on proper tire alignment, click here.

Rotate Your Tires:

The best way to get uniform wear and long life on your tires is to rotate them. Rotations should be done approximately every 6,000-10,000 miles or every other oil change. For more details on the benefits of tire rotation, click here.

Wheel Balancing:

Over time, the distribution of weight in your tire can change, which can cause vibrations. If you notice abnormal vibrations while driving you may want to consider getting your wheels balanced. For more details on the benefits of wheel balancing, click here.



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