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A Tradition of Excellence and Innovation:

Since 1960, anglers have started many great fishing adventures by turning on a Vexilar. Now there’s nearly half a million Vexilar units in use today. Vexilar was the first to introduce a three-color flasher in 1989, that sparked the modern ice fishing revolution. The live-action, real-time response of Vexilar flashers is the ideal tool for winter fishing.

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For over half a century, Vexilar has been leading the ice electronics category. The “DNA” inside every Vexilar includes reliability in rugged winter conditions evidenced by the lowest failure rate in all fishing electronics, less than 1/10 of 1%. A byproduct of the ruggedness and longevity of Vexilar electronics is Value. Vexilars are passed down from parent to child becoming the only multi-generational marine electronic product in the industry. Ease of operation is another hallmark characteristic. Controls that operate with gloved hands in bitter cold and easy to remember operational menus appreciated by ice fishermen young and old. Finally, performance. Here in the ice belt fishermen often say “I won’t go ice fishing without my Vexilar”. The reason for that is you will have more fun fishing with your Vexilar!



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