• • 0-300 pounds and less than 20 cartons - Ship FedEx parcel third party billing. If you do not have the third party account number contact via email or call 920-997-8355.
  • • 301-1000 pounds or more than 20 cartons - Use the LTL (less than truckload) carrier indicated here.
  • • 1001+ pounds - Contact the appropriate Traffic Coordinator, as indicated below:

Shipments originating from Wisconsin and Minnesota:
Contact: Raunel (Ronnie) Lopez
Telephone: 920-997- 8356

Shipments originating from the US (other than WI and MN) and Canada:
Contact: Linda Donker
Telephone: 920-997- 8355


Contact our designated freight forwarder first. For futher questions, contact Geoffrey Petermann:

Telephone: 920-997- 8364

Please note, even though you have sent an ASN to our warehouse, you must still contact one of our Traffic Coordinators to arrange pick up of your shipments. Please direct any questions regarding these procedures to the appropriate contact listed above.


The following procedures are for any/all deliveries to any Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC Distribution Center and are not intended for Direct-to- Store Deliveries. However, you may want to familiarize your company with these procedures in the event your company is instructed to ship an order to one of our Distribution Centers.

Current Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC Distribution Centers include:

Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC Distribution Center
1300 South Lynndale Drive
Appleton, WI 54914
Phone: 920-997- 8344
Locations: 97095, 97090

Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC Bluemound Warehouse
1000 North Bluemound Drive
Appleton, WI 54914
Phone: 920-731- 9163
Location: 97097

Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC Hudson Warehouse
805 Industrial Street
Hudson, WI 54016
Phone: 715-386- 8986
Location: 97088

Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC. DBA Mills Fleet Farm requires all suppliers provide an Advance Shipping Notice prior to any shipment arriving at any/all of our Distribution Centers/Warehouses. This is to ensure we have the appropriate personnel on hand to effectively and efficiently process the product thereby ensuring said product is moved onto our retail stores in a timely manner.


Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC, DBA Mills Fleet Farm requires that delivery appointments be scheduled for all of our Distribution Centers/Warehouses. Please inform your delivery carriers that they must call at least 48 hours in advance to schedule an appointment. This procedure facilitates an orderly and timely flow of merchandise through our Distribution Center/Warehouses.

Any freight shipments arriving without prior appointments scheduled will be deferred until such time as the Distribution Center receiving schedules permits and we cannot guarantee same day unloading. We will make every attempt to accommodate; however, prior scheduled receiving will take precedence. All charges assessed as a result of this condition from carriers will be the responsibility of the supplier.

These procedures are required regardless whether your freight is routed via Prepaid (your carrier) or Collect (Fleet Wholesale's routing).

The times available for scheduling an appointment and our receiving schedule for a normal business week are listed below.

We have notified all of our preferred truckload and LTL carriers of this information as they have a standing appointment and are exempt from complying with this procedure.

Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC Distribution Center 
1300 South Lynndale Drive 
Appleton, WI 54914 
Phone: 920-997-8344 
Location: 97095 or 97090
Schedule Times: (Mon - Fri) 6:00am - 5:00pm CST

Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC Bluemound Warehouse 
1000 North Bluemound Drive 
Appleton, WI 54914 
Phone: 920-731-9163 
Location: 97097 
Schedule Times: (Mon - Fri) 6:00am - 2:00pm CST

Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC Hudson Warehouse 
805 Industrial Street 
Hudson, WI 54016 
Phone: 715-386-8986 
Location: 97088 
Schedule Times: (Mon - Fri) 7:00am - 2:00pm CST


Please type the following statement on the Bill of Lading:

"Delivery Appointments Required" "Call 920-997- 8344 6:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., Central Time to make an appointment".

Please change the telephone number and time, depending on the warehouse location of the order(s).

Also, ensure a reference is documented showing the purchase order number. If our PO# has a zero at the beginning, the zero needs to be included.


We require all suppliers to provide a packing slip for their shipments. If a packing list is being requested by our Warehouse staff because it was not provided with the shipment, please indicate via email ( that it is a "Requested Packing" Slip.


Q: What information is required on an ASN?

A: The information required on an ASN will be as follows:

  • • Purchase Order(s) Number (do not eliminate preceding zeros)
  • • Stock Number (as they appear on the order)
  • • Quantity Shipped according to Stock Number (in the Unit of Measure in Eaches)
  • • Note: Mills Fleet Farm Generic ASN form available upon request by email at
  • • A Container Number (For Import Orders)

Verify all information is accurate.

Q: Where does an ASN need to be sent?

A: Currently, ASNs are required for all shipments (IE. parcel, Import, LTL, or Truckload (Prepaid or Collect) to any of our Distributions Centers / Warehouses.

ASNs must be provided to our Distribution Centers / Warehouses at least 24 hours prior to the shipment arriving. It is the responsibility of the Supplier, not the carrier, to provide the ASN information.

If a purchase order has multiple shipments or deliveries, an ASN is needed for each shipment or delivery.

If you use a carrier such as UPS or have an import shipment, an ASN is still required. A separate ASN needs to be sent for each overseas container with the container number listed on each ASN.

Q: How can an ASN be sent?

A: ASNs can be provided through EDI (preferred method) or E-mail.

EDI (our preferred method).

  • •  An ASN Functional Acknowledgment is automatically submitted to the supplier verifying the document was received. This Functional Acknowledgment only indicates the document was received. It does not verify the data was accurate. 
  • •  Until your EDI program is tested and approved, you must provide a manual ASN (via E-mail). 
  • •  In the event an EDI ASN cannot be submitted, you must provide a manual ASN in its place (via E-mail). 


  • •  ASNs via email should be sent to 
  • •  If you must email your ASN, please submit a test email from each email address you will be sending from. This allows us to verify the setup is correct. Failure to provide a test email may result in your email being considered "spam" by our email filters and will cause an ASN discrepancy, resulting in an ASN Charge. 
  • •  Upon receiving your test communication, we will reply to you within 72 hours. If you have not received our reply within that period, please contact us at 920-997-8344. You will be asked to provide the send date and time of the email.
  • •  Once testing has been completed and you are able to submit ASNs via email, please note that our receiving department does not provide reply confirmations verifying receipt. 

Q: How can I change the information on a submitted ASN?

A: ASNs can be changed by completing the steps as follows:


  • •  Contact our Supplier Relations Department via telephone or email to work with an EDI specialist. 
  • •  Have the shipment number and purchase order available. 
  • •  Inform the EDI specialist of the changes. 
  • •  EDI specialist will notify our receiving department of the changes and will instruct you to resubmit a new ASN 
  • •  Resubmit the new ASN 


  • •  Resubmit a new ASN clearly marked 'REVISED' 
  • •  Failing to clearly mark the new ASN as 'REVISED' could result in an inaccurate ASN charge. 

Q: What is the ASN Charge Policy?

A: We want to work with all of our suppliers to ensure an efficient and effective process is in place. Failure on behalf of the supplier to provide Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC DBA Mills Fleet Farm with the required ASN, and/or providing an inaccurate or late ASN, will result in Fleet Wholesale Supply Co. LLC assessing an ASN Charge to the supplier. 

ASN charges will be deducted from a suppliers invoice. Violations will be monitored by our ASN Disputes Department, who will notify the supplier of any ASN Charge(s) assessed. 

  • •  First offense: warning letter 
  • •  Second violation: 10% deduction not to exceed $100 from the invoice 
  • •  Subsequent violations, the supplier will receive a 10% deduction not to exceed $500 from the invoice. 

Supplier Relations will work with the supplier to resolve issues; however, if violations continue we may request a meeting with the supplier. If a resolution cannot be reached, we may elect to increase the amount deducted from invoice or review our options of sourcing the product from another supplier.

Q: When submitting an ASN, how could I be issued a charge?

A: Charges will be assessed on ASN submissions for the following reasons:

  • •  Inaccurate information 
  • •  Wrong Shipment 
  • •  Wrong PO Number 
  • •  Inaccurate Stock Numbers 
  • •  Inaccurate Quantities (Amounts or Units of Measure) 
  • •  Illegible information
  • •  Revision not clearly marked or indicated 
  • •  Not submitted within the appropriate time frame*
  • •  Submitting the ASN to the wrong party**
  • •  Submitting the ASN to the Buyer, Traffic Department, and/or Freight Forwarder**

*All ASNs must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the shipment arriving. 
**These parties may request an ASN in addition; however, an ASN must still be submitted to our ASN Department. 

Please note, the scenarios provided above are not a full and complete list of any possible charges that may be incurred.

Q: What if I do not agree to an ASN charge?

A: If you do not agree with a charge, you have 60 days from the date the chargeback is issued to our accounting department to dispute it. 

Please contact ASN Disputes via telephone (920-731-8121 x2353) or email ( to work with an ASN Specialist. 

When contacting ASN Disputes, please have the ASN Chargeback memo available. 

For a Missing (M) charge, you will also be required to provide the following information:

  • •  EDI - the DOC Info and the date and time of the functional acknowledgement 
  • •  Email - copy of original email showing who it was sent to, along with a date and time of transmission. 

Please do not contact the buyer or accounting as this could delay the process. 
Please verify the ASN was received at least 24 hours prior to the shipment being delivered.


Lakeville Motor Express

Determine which LTL (Less Than Truckload) carrier to use by finding the first three characters of your zip code in the table below:

ST State Three Digit ZIP LTL Carrier
AL Alabama 350-369 LMEL
AR Arkansas 716-729 LMEL
AZ Arizona 850-865 LMEL
CA California 900-961 LMEL
CO Colorado 800-816 LMEL
CT Connecticut 060-069 LMEL
DC District of Colombia 200, 202-205 LMEL
DE Delaware 197-199 LMEL
FL Florida 320-339, 341-349 LMEL
GA Georgia 300-319, 399 LMEL
IA Iowa 500-528 LMEL
ID Idaho 832-838 LMEL
IL Illinois (Chicago) 600-619 LMEL
IL Illinois 620-629 LMEL
IN Indiana 460-470, 472-479 LMEL
KS Kansas 660-679 LMEL
KY Kentucky 400-427, 471 LMEL
LA Louisiana 700-714 LMEL
MA Massachusettes 010-027, 055 LMEL
MD Maryland 206-219 LMEL
ME Maine 039-049 LMEL
MI Michigan 480-499 LMEL
MN Minnesota (Twin Cities) 550-555 LMEL
MN Minnesota 556-566 LMEL
MO Missouri 630-658 LMEL
MS Mississippi 386-397 LMEL
MT Montana 590-599 LMEL
NC North Carolina 270-289 LMEL
ND North Dakota 567, 580-588 LMEL
NE Nebraska 680-693 LMEL
NH New Hampshire 030-038 LMEL
NJ New Jersey 070-089 LMEL
NM New Mexico 870-884 LMEL
NV Nevada 889-898 LMEL
NY New York 005, 100-149 LMEL
OH Ohio 430-459 LMEL
OK Oklahoma 730-731, 734-749 LMEL
OR Oregon 970-979 LMEL
PA Pennsylvania 150-196 LMEL
RI Rhode Island 028-029 LMEL
SC South Carolina 290-299 LMEL
SD South Dakota 570-577 LMEL
TN Tennessee 370-385 LMEL
TX Texas 733, 750-799, 885 LMEL
UT Utah 840-847 LMEL
VA Virginia 201, 220-246 LMEL
VT Vermont 050-054, 056-059 LMEL
WA Washington 980-994 LMEL
WI Wisconsin 530-549 LMEL
WV West Virginia 247-266 LMEL
WY Wyoming 820-831 LMEL


A case refers to a shipping container made of corrugated fiberboard, not boxboard or chipboard. Construction must be sturdy enough to facilitate multiple handlings, both by hand and with material handling equipment, such as pallet jacks, forklifts, clamp trucks, conveyors, gravity shelving, trailer movement and vibration, etc.


  • The DC preferred style is what is referred to as a Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
  • For cases weighing less than 40 lbs. the corrugated fiberboard should meet a minimum burst strength of 175 lbs.
  • For cases weighing more than 40 lbs. the corrugated fiberboard should meet a minimum burst strength of 200 lbs.
  • Cases should also meet an edge crush test (ECT) strength of 48 lbs. to facilitate stack ability.
  • Cases are preferred to be sealed by glue or with reinforced or plastic tape.
  • Inner cartons should have a minimum burst strength of 125 lbs.
  • Cases should contain a standard quantity of a single SKU; there should not be multiple SKUs within the same case.
  • Dimensions of the case will vary, but it is preferred that it fit on a standard pallet with dimensions of 48” x 40”. (Oversized merchandise will have a unique set of packaging configurations).

Questions regarding this information should be directed to:


  • Some description of the type of merchandise, including color/size to distinguish
  • Vendor Part Number (VPN) (optionally MFF SKU number)
  • Case quantity (and inner quantity/number of inners if applicable)
  • Burst strength and edge test certifications
  • Any required hazardous labeling required by government regulations
example of case label fields and placement

An additional label for each VPN should also be affixed to the shipment containing:

  • Vendor name and Ship From point
  • MFF Purchase Order number
  • MFF Destination from the Purchase Order (Store number if known)
example of filled out vendor ship from and information label

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