6 oz Color Flakes Fish Food by Tetra at Fleet Farm
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Tetra 6 oz Color Flakes Fish Food

Store SKU ID: 101543993
Store SKU ID: 101543993
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  • Tetra Pond Food Color Flakes are formulated to create superb fish colors by bringing out the vibrant reds and yellows on koi and goldfish
  • These flakes contain Amino acids for growth and maintenance
  • Fat as a concentrated energy source
  • Fiber for healthy and efficient digestion
  • Vitamins - including stabilized Vitamin C - for growth, health and metabolism
  • Clear-water formula - won’t cloud water when used as directed.
  • When water temperatures are above 50-degrees Fahrenheit, feed two to three times daily, only as much as your fish can consume within five minutes
  • When water temperatures are below 50-degrees Fahrenheit, reduce feeding to one to two times daily, only as much food as your fish will consume within two minutes
  • This food is ideal for smaller outdoor goldfish and koi
  • Weight: Approximately .5 pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 7.13 x 3.63 x 3.63 inches.
  • This product cannot be shipped to: CA

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