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Image of hummingbirds drinking nectar from a hummingbird feeder

Wild Bird Feeders

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Types of Bird Feeders

The bird food type and feeder type determines the diversity of birds (and every so often butterflies) you attract.

Choosing Between Wood, Metal, Plastic & Glass Bird Feeders

Consider your climate’s typical weather conditions, how often you’ll want to clean, and what type of bird food you’ll use when selecting feeder material.

  • Wood - depending on the feeder shape, wood has a number of insulating properties that allow birds in cold climates to give birds a warm place to eat.
  • Metal - metal feeding ports are oftentimes squirrel-resistant due to squirrel’s inability to chew through it.
  • Acrylic - are budget-friendly and easy to clean.
  • Glass - last forever and provide elegant designs that will attract hummingbirds from the furthest distances.



Choosing the Right Bird Feeder Shape

Find feeders that hang from trees, free-standing feeders for the garden, and feeders that easily attach to your house’s windows through suction cups. Prevent squirrels and bully birds from taking advantage of your backyard feeder setup through more closed-concept shapes with limited food dispensary size and access.


  • Tray feeders - also known as platform feeders, are easy to clean and their open concept design keeps bird viewing unobstructed.
  • House feeders - shaped in the design of a house or these cute feeders attract and protect a variety of small bird species from the elements as they eat.
  • Window feeders - decrease the chances of birds flying into a clean window and instead, promote the easiest way to admire your backyard friends from the comfort of your couch.
  • Tube feeders - keeps bird food fresh by protecting seed from precipitation.
  • Suet feeders -  also referred to as “animal fat,” suet bird food formulations attract birds that will eat unwanted insects in your garden during the spring and summer months.


Feeder Accessories & Replacement Parts

Brackets, poles, hangers, and hooks to help mount any bird feeder or bird house while keeping the seed out of reach from squirrels.

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