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Gas-Powered Outdoor Equipment

Gas-powered equipment is good for lawn and garden activities that involve larger landscapes, thick plants or forestry like weeds or dead tree branches, and tasks that require a little more heavy duty power.

Hedge trimmers, chainsaws, edgers, log splitters, tillers and chippers have refillable gas tanks that decrease downtime and make powering back up quick and easy.

Electric-Powered Outdoor Equipment

For easy maintenance and flexible storage conditions for all four seasons, use electric powered outdoor equipment. Our trimmers, leaf blowers, wheeled edgers and electric chainsaws are battery powered and include a variety of plugin and cordless options.

Tree Trimming & Cutting


To chop down decaying trees, cut through thick logs to make firewood, or pruning hedges, shop our chainsaw brands by ECHO, Husqvarna, Timber Tuff or Worx.

Log Splitters

If you regularly heat your home with firewood or love to host a lot of campirefires, investing in log splitter brands like Lumberjack, DR power equipment, or Earthquake will help you speed up the process of splitting wood more efficiently than a chainsaw—just make sure the wood stays properly stacked and covered year round.

Chippers & Shredders

Make yard cleanup a breeze by cleaning up small branches, tree limbs, brush, leaves and other plant debri quickly with one of our chippers and shredders.

Lawn & Garden Care

Weed Wackers & String Trimmers

Husqvarna trimmers, Echo trimmers, Milwaukee trimmers and Dewalt trimmers are the perfect lightweight, dependable tools for cutting grass and weeds in tough to reach places with extensive mobility.

Leaf blowers

Handheld Husqvarna leaf blowers, Dewalt leaf blowers, ECHO leaf blowers and Milwaukee leaf blowers will help you clean up leaves and clear up messes in your yard in no time at all.


Our walk-behind, gas-powered tillers range from 40cc, 4-cycle engines all the way up to 212cc allowing you to break ground in stubborn soil in spring, summer or fall.

Outdoor Power Equipment Replacement Parts & Accessories

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