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  • Dad's Day Deals! Get $60 off a Milwaukee 2-Tool Combo Kit | SHOP NOW


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Outdoor Decor & Lighting

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Outdoor Decor For Every Budget

Make your outdoor space beautiful without having to worry about spending too much. Fleet Farm has a variety of outdoor decor items at affordable prices to make your garden, patio, or outdoor space match your unique style. From planters to garden statues to flags to water features, we have it all.

Decorative Lighting, Torches & Fire Pots

Nothing says outdoor entertainment without some patio lighting and tiki torches. Lighting can really take a drab patio to something truly special, without much effort or cost. From lining your walkways with solar lighting to lighting up your backyard with tasteful spotlights and flood lights, outdoor lighting is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Imaging all the things you could do with outdoor lighting:

  • String patio lights above your patio, or attach to your pergola or gazebo

  • Add lanterns or solar lighting to your walkways or place around your patio furniture

  • Put uplighting in your gardens to create beautiful mood lighting around your plants and bushes

  • Line your patio brick with rope lights to give your patio a warm nightly glow

  • Place LED solar figurine lighting in your gardens

  • String bulb lights around the rails of your deck

Bird Baths and Fountains

Nothing says “relax” quite like watching the birds on a warm summer evening or listening to the pit pater from a water fountain on your patio or deck. Bird baths add beauty to a yard or garden, and attract some of the most beautiful birds you’ve ever seen. A water fountain could be put on your patio or nestled in your garden to add a bit of modern flair.

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