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How does Propane Heat Work? 

Propane is a type of gasoline that's normally stored as a liquid, but when released, is converted instantaneously into a gas. This makes propane a favorable energy source used for standard heating options that require maximum space coverage.

Practical Uses of Propane Heaters

Ice Fishing & Sporting Events

Mr. Heater Single Tank Top Heaters are an essential source of economical heating and a staple piece of cold weather equipment for ice fishing and winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, hockey, ice skating, hiking and more.

Heating for Home-Remodeling Projects

Keep your jobsite warm on cold days with propane heaters featuring DeWalt and Mr. Heater

Camping & Outdoor Jobs

Propane heaters are the perfect space heaters to warm up outdoor living areas that aren’t connected to your indoor home heating system such as: sun porches, patios, pools and hot tubs, garages, barns, backyard workshops and other outdoor storage spaces. 

Whether you spend the majority of your work life outside in building and construction, fishing, farming, environmental engineering or landscape architecture, use a propane convection heater to make your jobsite more comfortable and toasty. 

For winter camping trips, pack a portable propane heater, like this highly acclaimed Portable DeWalt Radiant Propane Heater. 

Advantages of Propane Heating 


Propane heating is good for the environment due to its reliance on clean carbon-based fuel which reduces green-house gas emissions. 

Cost Effective

As a more economically sound heating solution, propane-powered heaters reduce short and long-term energy expenses that wouldn’t otherwise be possible through electricity and traditional gasoline-powered heating systems. Propane heat is budget-friendly.


Using propane heaters inside is incredibly safe and easy to manage. All of our top-rated portable propane heater products come with simple directions to follow for secure use. 

Propane vs Natural Gas

The biggest difference between propane heaters and natural gas heaters is that propane heaters are more energy efficient; propane gas produces a greater amount of energy than natural gas. Propane also burns hotter than natural gas. 

Propane Heaters vs Electric Heaters

The largest difference between propane heaters and electric heaters is that propane-generated heat is typically warmer than electric-generated heat. Additionally, an electric heater won’t work during power outages unless you have a source of backup power. 

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