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Help your engine equipment run cleaner and last longer with Sea Foam products at Fleet Farm. Sea Foam was born with a focus on safe and effective products that help keep all types of gas and diesel engines running their best. Trusted by mechanics since 1942, Sea Foam represents a rich tradition of vehicle and outdoor enthusiasts, DIY equipment owners, and all sorts of people who love or depend on engines. No matter what moves you, Sea Foam works!

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More about the Sea Foam Brand

Our story began in the 1930s, when Fred Fandrei, a salesman in the petroleum industry, wanted to spend more time fishing than fixing his outboard motor because of fuel-related problems. Fred created a formula that would stop fuel from going bad and help his motor run better, and it became quite popular among his fishing friends. He began selling it to local fishermen in beer bottles and quart jars, naming the formula “Sea Foam” after a friend in Florida called and asked for some of that “Sea Foam stuff.”

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is now one of the best-selling automotive additives in North America. Sea Foam products have attracted a passionate following as the proven choice for mechanics, vehicle enthusiasts, and all sorts of people who love or depend on engines.

We’ve grown since our humble beginnings, but our focus is still the same: safe products that are proven to work and keep engines and equipment running their best.

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