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At Gallagher, we are passionate about making farm life easier for you. In fencing, Gallagher is considered the number one fencing solution in the world. In fact, we invented the electric fence and know your needs.

We offer both permanent and portable electric fence systems that allow specific areas of the pasture to be grazed, while other pastures are allowed to rest and regrow.

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    At a basic level electric fencing is more effective at containing domestic animal's livestock/excluding wildlife than traditional fencing due to the fact that the short, safe and memorable shock creates a psychological, as well as a physical barrier.

    A pulsed electric current is sent along the fence wire, about one pulse per second, from an energizer which is grounded. When the animal touches the fence it completes the circuit between the fence and the ground receiving a short, sharp -but safe shock. The shock is memorable enough that the animal never forgets.

    An electric fence is a psychological barrier, so it doesn’t need great physical strength. However, it must be well designed and constructed to absorb some pressure from animals, snow and wind. The energizer must have enough power for the length of fence and for the animals being controlled.

    Electric fencing is a reliable, cost-effective way to control animal movementand manage pasture. This includes:

    • Keeping domestic animals in

    • Keeping wild animals out

    • Separating different groups of animals

    • Rationing of crops and pastures

    • Fencing off eroding areas, trees, rivers and roads


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