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Livestock & Poultry Care


Taking Care of Livestock & Poultry

Livestock & Poultry Health Supplies

Promote a diet packed with a healthy balance minerals and protein for your farm animals with our vitamins and nutritional supplements,

Increase animal hygiene, welfare and disease prevention with veterinary-grade shampoos, gels, thermometers and other tools, cleaning and sanitizing milking equipment, horse, goat, cow and turkey wormers, coat and hoof care products, and antibiotics. Use brushes, combs and clippers to untangle hair, avoid parasitic outbreaks, and eliminate dead skin.

Feeding & Watering Equipment for Animals of All Sizes

Explore feeding carts, bunks and polydomes or thermo hoses, buckets or automatic waterers to give your animals proper nutrients and keep them well-hydrated. Our galvanized and poly stock tanks can be a budget friendly way to feed and provide water for your horses, cattle, pigs and other livestock.

Farm Animal Feed

Grow a sustainable agricultural environment through the type of fodder and forage you select for your farm animals by investing in any one of our livestock feeds for goats, calves, sheep, and more with brands from Purina, Nutrena, Manna Pro and Sprout.

Chicken Feed

Choose one of our top-rated poultry feeds based on nutritional needs of your chickens, turkeys, ducks, pheasants or quail based. Feed bag sizes range from five to 50 pounds that cater to small, low-maintenance backyard chicken coops and large-scale poultry farming.

Handling & Maintenance for Cows, Pigs, Chickens & More

Ear Tags & Markers for Identification

Use identification tags for cattle, poultry and swine to keep accurate records of the animal’s birth date, health history and more.

Forks for Manure & Compost

Our Truperlivestock garden hoes and pitchforks will make shoveling and cleaning manure out from the ground or any barn floor source easy for commercial, industrial use-AG, dairy, farm, and ranch settings.

Dairy Barn & Milkhouse Supplies

Utility bibs, heavy-duty aprons, pressure hoses, and silicone tubing are sanitary, easy-to-use and will prevent your dairy parlor clean of milk-related bacterias.

Chicken Coops, Wooden Hen Houses & Brooders

Choosing the right coop size depends on how many birds you want to house. Raise happy and healthy chickens by sheltering your backyard flock with our safe and secure chicken coop structures.

Help hatch fertile chicken eggs safely with our best selection of incubators and hatchers.

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