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Rapala X-Rap - Purple Gold

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Rapala X-Rap - Purple Gold
Rapala X-Rap - Purple Gold
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The X-Rap is all about the action! It's the perfect size and 3-D shape of a minnow. Prominent scales and the lateral line on the side capture and flash light like a beacon. It's a lure that is designed for aggressive fishing. The angler provides the action and defines the cadence for maximum effectiveness. Slash one near your neighborhood brute. Dance the Teaser Tail in front of his nose and hang on tight!

  • Textured, translucent body
  • Internal holographic foil
  • Internal long-cast system
  • Stainless steel through-wire construction
  • 3D holographic eye
  • Flash Feather teaser tail
  • 2-1/2 inch - 1/8 oz. - two #10 hooks - runs at 3-5 ft. deep (XR06)
  • 3-1/8 inch - 1/4 oz. - one #6 & one #7 hook - runs at 3-8 ft. deep (XR08)
  • Weight: Approximately: .0281 to .0463 pounds depending on selected size
  • Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 4.25 x 1.63 x .75 inches to 5.13 x 1.63 x .88 inches depending on size selected.

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