Ramik Bars 4 x 16 oz Box

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Ramik Bars 4 x 16 oz Box
Ramik Bars 4 x 16 oz Box
Ramik Bars 4 x 16 oz Box
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  • Diphacinone, the active ingredient in RamikĀ®, is a first generation anticoagulant
  • Ramik is fish flavored for high palatability and is made from a food-quality grain mix
  • It comes in various forms and package sizes suitable for any use, from rat infestations encountered in livestock and poultry production facilities to the occasional mouse in the house
  • For Norway Rats, Roof Rats, and House Mice
  • Includes four 16-oz bars
  • Weight: Approximately: 4 pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 8.8 x 4.1 x 4.1 inches.
  • This product cannot be shipped to: CA
Made In USA

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