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AIRCARE Pedestal Humidifier

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AIRCARE Pedestal Humidifier
AIRCARE Pedestal Humidifier
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The Essick Air EP9500 is more than a humidifier. With its rich tones and a decorative granite inset, it spruces up your home's decor while balancing the humidity in the air, creating a more comfortable living space. The included tile inset can be changed to another standard 12 in. x 12 in. floor tile from any flooring or DIY store.

  • Decorative 12 in. x 12 in. top tile
  • Humidifies up to 2,400 sq. ft.
  • 7.4 gal. per day output
  • Evaporative system for clean, moist air
  • Durable plastic inset
  • Digital controls
  • Variable speed fan
  • Auto humidistat
  • Auto shut-off
  • Front pour-in opening for easy refilling
  • Weight: Approximately: 32 pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 29 x 21 x 21 inches.
Made In USA

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