18kW Tankless Electric Water Heater by CRAFTSMAN at Fleet Farm
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CRAFTSMAN 18kW Tankless Electric Water Heater

Store SKU ID: 101777883
Store SKU ID: 101777883
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Conventional water heaters consume energy around the clock to keep water hot for when you're ready to use it. So, while you're at work, sleeping, or even out of town, your money is being wasted heating a large tank of hot water. Even more startling, is that this costly long-term investment may, one day, damage your home. That's right, around 75% of all conventional water heater failures result in messy leaks or sudden bursts, due to an aging tank rusting away. Don't let that happen to you . . . CRAFTSMAN 18kW Tankless Water Heaters use advanced “on-demand” water flow sensors and digital thermostatic technology to instantly heat water only when needed - making them virtually 100% energy efficient and resulting in a savings of up to 50% on energy costs! Simply set your desired temperature and enjoy a continuous and endless flow of hot water - whenever you need it for however long you need it.

  • The sleek, compact design offers homeowners the flexibility to easily install and maintain a CRAFTSMAN Tankless Heater almost anywhere indoors - without the need for gas lines or ventilation
  • This advanced technology also allows our CRAFTSMAN Tankless Water Heaters to be installed as an in-line booster to your existing tank water heater - providing long lasting hot water without having to install a larger or additional tank
  • Advanced digital self-modulating water heating technology
  • Durable stainless steel and metal assembly
  • Non-corrosive and lead-free
  • Digital control panel allows you to easily set the desired temperature up/down in increments of 1 degree F from 90° - 122°
  • Wattage/Voltage - 18,000W/240V
  • Amperage - 75 AMPS
  • Required breaker size - 2 x 40A Double Pole Breakers
  • Required wire gauge - 2 x 8/2 AWG with Ground
  • Water connection - 1/2-inch NPT
  • Has a digital thermostat
  • 35° F Temperature Rise - 3.7 GPM, 45° F Temperature Rise - 2.85 GPM, 55° F Temperature Rise - 2.4 GPM
  • Hot Climate: serves up to 1-2 bathrooms | Cold climate - serves up to 1 bathroom
  • Endless hot water on demand
  • cETL Certified
  • Item measures 15.5 in L x 4.5 in W x 13.9 in H
  • Weight: Approximately: 13.0 pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: Approximately: x 8.5 inches.
  • This product cannot be shipped to: CA

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