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Red Lake Earth Diatomaceous Earth - 4 Lb.

Product #: 0000000208062
| SKU: 100528049
 Red Lake Earth Diatomaceous Earth - 4 Lb.
 Red Lake Earth Diatomaceous Earth - 4 Lb.
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Red Lake Earth is for use in feeds as an anticaking agent or pelleting aid for further manufacturing in feed, in an amount not to exceed 2% of the total diet.

  • Improves the flowability & mixability of all types of animal feed
  • Made from a natural occurring fresh water deposit of diatomaceous earth & montmorillonite (also known as calcium bentonite)
  • To be used for various livestock species including equine, bovid, camelids, poultry, rodents, dogs, rabbits, swine
  • Meets both food & feed grade specifications
  • Food Chemical Codex Grade & OMRI certified
  • Weight: Approximately: 4 pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 7.5 x 7.5 x 6 inches.

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