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Wild Bird Houses

Wild Bird Houses & Nesting Materials

Benefits of Bird Houses

Different from outdoor bird feeders, bird houses will provide your flying wildlife friends with a weatherproof shelter and a safe, resting place. Additional bird house advantages include:

  • Protection from land-dwelling predators
  • A designated nesting space for baby hatchlings
  • A nature oasis filled with beautiful melodies to reduce stress reduce and anxiety and boost productivity
  • Avoiding the use of harmful pesticide for pest control in your lawn and garden
  • Increased amounts of bird feces that provide natural fertilization over the grass and plants

Types of Bird Houses

By Material

Plastic bird houses are lightweight and will last a lifetime making them the perfect addition to your home or garden.

Metal bird houses at Fleet Farm are rust-free and require minimal annual upkeep and maintenance while providing enjoyable colors and other points of interest as an outdoor garden accessory or patio piece next to patio furniture

Wooden bird houses and cedar bird houses come fully equipped with hardware for mounting and are made of natural, breathable material that helps the structure avoid locking in moisture and heat during hot summers— an ideal home for bird families of all species.

By Mount Type

Hanging bird houses are easy to install and are strong enough to withstand big winds.

Pole-mounted bird houses, or bird houses on poles, are a perfect low maintenance option, easy to clean and can remain firmly fastened to the ground all year long.

Surface mount bird houses are great for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can be securely attached to a sturdy tree trunk or the side of your home with minimal effort making them great for nature lovers looking to create a backyard (or front yard) sanctuary.

By Bird Type

Shop bird houses with unique designs and varying sizes that cater to different types of birds including bird houses for multiple bird species, blue birds, cardinals, purple martins, jay birds, wildbirds, wrens, hummingbirds, and more.

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