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Image of hummingbirds at a nectar feeder

Wild Bird Supplies

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Find a Bird House 

Not only do bird houses create relaxing opportunities to watch returning feathery friends and connect with nature, they’re also good for attracting birds to eat unwanted pests, insects and weeds provide a lift in flower pollination.

Find top-selling bird house brands like wooden mountable bird houses from Nature’s Way, rustic birdhouses by Heritage Farms, or ornately designed bird homes by House Bazaar to find the appropriate entrance hole size, cavity depth, house height, aesthetic and design, and mounting style to bring your favorite bird species to right to your backyard. 

Find a Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are good for helping encourage a flourishing ecosystem right outside your home and good for the soul. Perky-Pet bird feedersNature’s Way bird feeders, provide feeder options that are durable, easy to fill, and require minimum cleaning and maintenance.

Explore outdoor bird feeder poles, brackets, and replacement parts to secure hanging bird feeders into the ground through added stability while helping visiting birds feel safe away from furry predators. 

Types of Bird Seed & Feed

Kaytee, Perky-Pet, Pine Tree Farms, and Wild Delight produce bird seed mixes, suet, cakes, and other wild bird food that comes in a variety of different forms to attract the wild bird(s) you want, including: ready to use liquid nectar and instant nectar powder concentrate (for the hummingbird lovers), mini seed cakes, nyjer seed (a goldfinch favorite), safflower seed (preferred among cardinals and doves), and more. 

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