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Correct Poor Behaviors

Bark Control & Car Safety

If teaching the bark-quiet commands fails, try a muzzle or seat belt tether to prevent excessive public barking and driving distractions.

For an everyday, at-home solution, use waterproof no-bark collars to eliminate noisy disruption for your family and neighbors through light bursts of citronella spray or tiny amounts of electrical stimulation depending on the size and temperament of your pooch.

Water bottles, safety harnesses, dog carries, and cargo covers are essential for protecting your car while keeping your canine friend comfortable and safe whether you’re traveling to and from the grocery store or trucking away on a road trip.

Basic Yard, Park & In-The Field Obedience

Electric collars help promote off-leash commands by signaling to your dog what to avoid when regular vocal instruction doesn’t work around the house, at the park or in the yard and can be worn by a range of dog breeds with varying coat thicknesses.

PetSafe remote trainers and Sport Dog remote trainers provide an electric collar and remote control commonly used in hunting dog training and are quickly and easily operated so that your focus remains on your dog and not your equipment.

Chewing & Jumping Control

Repellants & deterrents help keep dogs away from forbidden areas in the backyard like trees, shrubs, flower beds, and garbage cans through boundary-setting chemical sprays, and can also be used to reduce general anxiety prone-behaviors like excessive licking, gnawing, and chewing through personal calming sprays applied prior to vet visits, thunderstorms, owner separation, and more.

Leash Pulling Aid

Dog harnesses discourage pulling on walks, hikes, and car-rides through secure and comfortable means of increasing control over your canine while shrinking stress on and likelihood of injury to their neck or joints.

Elimination Management

House training pads are good for protecting your home from potty-training mishaps, encourage your puppy to go to the bathroom in a designated space, and make accidents easy to clean up while quickly neutralizing odors indoors.

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