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Year-Round Outdoor Heating and Fire Pits

Patio fire pits are inviting, warm, and provide added comfort to your outdoor living space. Between the different designs, materials, and styles, count on Fleet Farm to help you complete your outdoor space.

When choosing between a fire pit or an outdoor heater, it is important to decide what type of style you are looking for.

Fire Pits

Fire pit tables and portable pits are great to add something fun and inviting to your space. Also consider a fire pit ring if you’re looking to build your patio around a focal point or permanently install a feature in your backyard.

Here are some additional ideas to incorporate a fire pit into your outdoor patio space:

  • Look for a patio set with an included fire pit table for ease and comfort.

  • Choose between electric, gas or wood burning fire pits.

  • Consider adding some additional lighting to your outdoor patio to set the mood.

  • Choose a fire pit to be the focal point of your patio, and choose other patio pieces to place around it. 

Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heaters are another great option if you’re looking for some additional warmth on your patio during the evenings, but don’t want a flame. Choose from propane gas and electric-powered.

To complete your outdoor room, take a look at some of the sets, collections, seating, tables, and patio accessories we have in stock.

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