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Push Lawn Mowers

Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Types of Push Mowers

By Power Type

  • Gas push mowers - provide added durability and ample power to cut any type of grass.
  • Electric push mowers - are quiet and more eco-friendly in that they don’t require ongoing refills or replacements of gasoline, oil, sparkplugs, or fuel filters to run effectively.
  • Battery push mowers - otherwise known as voltage push mowers, are typically smaller and more lightweight than gas-powered push mowers making them easy to store in a garage, basement, or other outdoor storage solutions.

Corded Push Mowers vs Cordless Push Mowers

Corded electric push mowers help mowers cut through tough grass and large lawn surface areas quickly due to their lightness from lack of a heavy gas engine or bulky battery.

Cordless push mowers are battery powered and get the cutting job done efficiently with gas-like power and extra mobility and flexibility to cut any tricky-to-trim part of your lawn swiftly and with minimal restriction.

By Drive Type

  • Front-wheel drive - are ideal for flat terrain—not yards that contain hills or valleys—and allow the driver to make a turn-and-tip motion for sharp corners, with ease.
  • 4-wheel drive - ideal for rough terrain and give the driver ample power to move up and down hills with minimal effort. 
  • Rear-wheel drive - are ideal for hilly terrain and provide the driver with effortless turning control for a more polished, manicured lawn. 

Best Push Mower Brands

CRAFTSMAN push mowers have adjustable cutting heights that allow them to be easily maneuverable on virtually any terrain making them not just a homeowner staple, but a necessity for healthy lawn management.

DEWALT push mowers are legendary for quiet, high-power motors built with a metal deck that’s built for heavy duty work and tackling versatile mowing tasks including mulching, bagging, and rear waste-ejection.

Fiskars push mowers provide an alternative option for smaller sized lawns through a cutting system that cuts grass without the blades touching, making them perfect for long-lasting performance without the added expense of annual blade sharpening and other maintenance-related costs.

Honda push mowers feature a Honda engine that delivers power and torque for exceptional cutting performance in thicker grass and comes with a deck constructed of rust-free material that does not dent or corrode over time. 

Push Mower Parts, Attachments & Accessories

Find lawn mower filters, lawn mower blades, blade sharpening kits, drive belts, tractor attachments, lawn mower wheels, oils, lubes, and additives, new mower batteries, and other replacement parts at low Fleet Farm prices.

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