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Lawn Fertilizers & Plant Food

Fertilizers are a protective plant food and are just as important as rain or sun when it comes to supplying grass with rich nutrients. Safeguard your yard against common weeds, crab grass, and unwanted dandelions with weed and feed brands including Scott’s Turf Builder, Miracle-Gro, and more.

Outdoor Weed Killers & Insecticides

In addition to encouraging a professional-looking, lush lawn or garden, outdoor weed killers help homeowners promote healthy yard growth, protect family and pets from overgrown, harmful plants that harbor diseased insects, and ensure pesticide application strength is kept intact.

Liquid Weed Killers vs Dry Weed Killers

Ready-to-spray weed preventer, liquid herbicide, and weed removal concentrates, give your DIY home lawn care a professional-service grade touch through effective plant coverage that successfully targets and eliminates weeds and other unwanted plants.

Granular weed control involves dry weed killers, which make prep time before application fast and efficient—just pop these small, concentrate covered pellets into a spreader and they’re ready for use.

Choosing the Right Grass Seed

Grass seed mix can be used to repair a lawn’s bare patches through overseeding or for new homes can start growing grass from scratch.

Sun vs Shade

Grass typically grows well in direct sunlight. Scott’s Sun & Shade grass seed mixes flexibly grows thick grass in areas with a lot of sun exposure, but are also shade-tolerant and prevents itself from thinning out in areas of the yard that receive less sunlight.

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