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Enhance Your Meats with the Perfect Smoker

Take your grilling to the next level with an outdoor smoker grill or smoker attachment. Cook low and slow with the smokers we have available.

For the Backyard BBQ Master

Our smokers cook foods at a low temperature, using a variety of wood chunks, pellets, or chips derived from compressed sawdust to create a smoke that seasons and infuses meats to create that delicious, mouth watering smokey flavor. Smokers aren’t for the impatient - smoking can take hours and sometimes days. But the result is that perfect smokey flavor you’d get at a true bbq restaurant.

How to Choose a Smoker

Choose from a variety of electric, gas, charcoal, or wood pellet smokers. We have every type of smoker available to fit your needs and preference. Each smoker has its benefits depending on your lifestyle, interest level, and flavor pallet.

Electric Smokers

Electric smokers are easy to heat up and might be your best friend if preparing the wood coals is not something you have the time or the desire to do. Since you have to plug these smokers into an electrical outlet, taking this smoker on the go might be a challenge. Electric smokers heat the food up a bit faster, so the tenderness of your meat may be different than if you’re using a propane or charcoal smoker.

Propane Smokers

Similar to a propane grill, propane smokers are easy to heat up since they have a built in temperature gauge. Propane smokers are convenient and great for on the go smoking. If you like to travel, go camping, or are on the move a lot, a propane smoker gives you the convenience of portability and the ease of a push start ignition. Also, propane smokers give the meat more smokey flavor than electric smokers.

Charcoal & Pellet Smokers

These types of smokers give you the most authentic smoked flavor to your meat and food, though these options take a while to start up and cool down. Both a charcoal and a pellet smoker allow you to mix and match your wood flavors, giving you a more flavorful and smoky taste.

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