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Types of Nuts & Seeds

The Snack Shack at Fleet Farm offers a wide variety of different nuts for cooking, baking, snacking and gifting.

Shop Almonds

Fleet Farm almonds, Blue Diamond almonds, Hershey almond snack mixes, and Fisher almonds are offered in 1.5oz, 6oz, 7oz 10oz, 16oz, 24oz to 48oz bags.

Shop Cashews

Fleet Farm cashews, Fisher cashews, and Planters cashews are available in small handful serving sizes and bulk cashew helpings that range from 8oz to 54oz.

Shop Peanuts

Fleet Farm peanuts, Fisher peanuts, Planters peanuts, and Pearson’s peanuts come in a variety of flavors including: honey roasted, lightly salted, flaming hot, unsalted, maple, sesame, chocolate and more.

Shop Pecans, Pistachios & Walnuts

Try Fleet Farm pralines, pecan halves, and walnut pieces are the perfect salty confections to add to a salad or bake with and are available in a range of sizes that span from 24oz and 40oz.

Shop Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds & Kernels

Seeds and kernels by Fleet Farm are packed with a plethora of flavors including: hot cajun dill, ranch, unsalted, salted, smokey bacon, honey roasted and more.

Shop Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts, Snacks & Trail Mixes

Fleet Farm’s famous line of deluxe mixed nuts come in a variety of flavors including: deluxe mixed nuts with no peanuts, southwest mixed nuts, lightly salted mixed nuts, glazed mixed nuts and more.

Nut & Chocolate Mix

Buy M&M snack mix with Fleet Farm’s homemade Country Mix for a delicious sweet and salty treat to tide you over before your next meal—no matter what time of day it is.

Nut Gift Baskets

Premium quality gift nuts from Fleet Farm make the perfect package for colleagues around the holidays or keeping them around the house as a quick, healthy snack.

Nuts for Cooking & Nuts for Baking

Learn how to cook with different types of nuts using the below guidelines:

  • Best nuts for salads - pair dried cranberries, granny smith apples, and crumbles of goat cheese with thinly sliced, carmelized almonds for a sweet-n-salty year round salad or try a pistachio fruit salad marshmallow, pineapples and other sugary goods.
  • Best nuts for baking desserts - toast Fleet Farms walnuts and use them to make walnut toffee bars, homemade candied walnuts (or pecans), or put a salty spin on a traditional fudge brownie.
  • Best nuts for cooking - add finely chopped peanuts to a homemade peanut dressing for thai peanut chicken flatbread pizza.

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