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Fishing Rods

Throwing the perfect cast starts with the perfect fishing rod. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned angler, choose from a wide assortment of Spinning Rods, Casting Rods, Baitcast Rods, and Spincast Rods at Fleet Farm.

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Spinning Rods

Explore premiere spinning rod brands like St. Croix spinning rods, Fenwick spinning rods, and Shimano spinning rods for a combination of rod bendability and durability, perfect for drop shotting, surf fishing, casual in-shore fishing and casting lighter-weight, plastic lures and terminal tackle.

Spinning Rods vs Casting Rods

Unlike spinning rods, casting rods are an ideal all-around rod that will help anglers of all skillsets get more out of their pursuit of bass, walleye, muskie, and inshore saltwater species. Fishing beginners combine a shorter casting rod with lighter line for an easier hook, line, and sinker motion.

Trolling Rods

Trolling rods are easily attachable to rod holders and specialized for dragging bait or lures through the water and are perfect for inviting large, stubborn fish toward your boat with minimal line friction and maximum boat support.

Baitcast Rods

Baitcast rods work with a variety of fishing line types and are constructed with strong material to achieve refined targeting and casting accuracy while delivering optimal power needed for battling big fish.

Baitcast Rods vs Spincast Rods

The difference between baitcast rods and spincast rod and reel combos are typically more lightweight and high speed making them ideal for fast catch retrieval, especially Fenwick spincast rods and Zebco spincast rods.

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