• Turn over a new leaf and join our team! Stop in at your local Fleet Farm today for an immediate interview. OR APPLY ONLINE NOW!
  • Turn over a new leaf and join our team! Stop in at your local Fleet Farm today for an immediate interview. OR APPLY ONLINE NOW!

Fishing Rod & Reel Combos 

Whether you're just getting into fishing or you've been fishing for years, shop our quality rods and reel combos at Fleet Farm.

Need help picking a combo? Check out our tips below!



    - Most popular style combo being used today
    - Great for everyone, from beginners to pros
    - Casts further than other combo styles
    - Best for catching walleye, panfish, bass, northern and even catfish
    - Works with jigs, spoons, crank baits and more

    - Can take more abuse while still maintaining accuracy
    - Tough and durable because they’re built like a winch
    - Used for fishing in or around weeds or timber
    - Popular to be used for bass, walleye, northern or musky
    - Works with spinnerbaits, bass jigs, plastic frogs and crankbaits

    - Reels are covered and operate with an easy push-button
    - Great for beginner fishermen, older fishermen and when fishing at night
    - Used for panfish, bass, walleye and northern

    - Used for trolling within the inland or the Great Lakes
    - Show how much line has been out of the combo
    - Work well for catching walleye, salmon, trout and musky
    - Works with crank baits, live baits, musky lures and salmon rigs
    - Typically come in two pieces for easier transport

    - Built with young adults and beginners in mind
    - Often in spincast or spinning style
    - Made with have shorter rods and a shorter handle size
    - Typically used to catch panfish, bass, walleye, northern and catfish
    - Lures that work best with this combo depend on the reel type

    - Used for fishing northern pike and musky
    - Strong enough to handle heavy fishing lures and to bring in the large fish
    - Great for using the figure-eight technique to entice musky

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    • ProFISHiency
      $65.00  SALE
    • ProFISHiency
      $60.00  SALE
    • Shimano
      $134.99 - $174.99
    • Shakespeare
      $69.99  SALE
    • 13 Fishing
      $50.00  SALE
    • Eagle Claw
      $54.99 - $100.00

    Rod & Reel Combo Types

    Seasoned anglers typically benefit from having the opportunity to select fishing rods and fishing reels à la carte. Fishing beginners, on the other hand, benefit from purchasing a rod and reel combo if they lack the knowledge or experience needed to match the right rod with the right reel.

    Combos require minimal setup, offer a perfect balance between rod and reel, and simplify the purchasing decision for the angler and will typically break down specific recommendations for the necessary fishing line weight, proper rod storage, and an appropriate fishing lure size range.

    Spinning Reel Combos

    Spinning rod and reel combos at Fleet Farm are lightweight and span from six feet to eight feet making them ideal for both short-range, highly precise casting in murkier waters and longer distances that require less accuracy for fishing in deeper waters.

    Spincast Combos

    Spincast rod and reel combos come in a range from ultra light rods to medium heavy rods and are ideal for throwing lighter lures far and achieving long distance casting with minimal effort.

    Line Counter Combos

    Trolling rod and reels with line counters provide accurate depth control and are ideal for anglers who appreciate covering a lot of water in a short amount of time while landing walleye, pike, coho salmon, kingfish and more.

    Casting Combos

    Casting rod and reel combos are used in traditional baitcasting and are highly durable making them well-equipped for catching bigger fish species and handling heavier lines and heavier lures, live bait included.

    Youth Combos

    Youth fishing rod and reel combos offer a range of rod lengths from twenty nine inches to seven feet with some providing a practice casting plug feature for easier catching. Purchase a  kids fishing tackle boxes by Plano and Zebco for kids to keep their terminal tackle organized year round.

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