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Fleet Farm provides gear for traditional bait fishing, gear for fly fishing and gear for ice fishing and gear for spearfishing.

Fishing Tools to Use Before Capture

Keep your fishing accessories organized and dry by storing them in a  fishing tackle box or bag.

If you’re a more seasoned angler, try trolling with a planer board to help gain more fishing coverage, control loud engine noises and create a sense of undisturbed waters for an optimal fishing environment.

Fishing rods at Fleet Farm are lightweight and well-balanced added comfort and control for crisp casting action, and fishing reels help cast a variety of different types of bait while eliminating unnecessary weight and driving optimal performance.

Fishing Tools to Use During Capture

Use a landing net to help streamline the fish capturing process and lightweight, non-tankle mesh net material and advanced floating design making for easy retrieval if the net accidently falls into the water.

Serious anglers—use a tape measure to document and record your catch size.

Fishing Tools to Use After Capture

Use a fillet knife and other fish cleaning supplies to quickly and cleanly gut the fish. Cook fish over a campfire with outdoor camping kitchen accessories like skillets or fryers to prevent charring or overcooking.

Fishing Boats

Fishing kayaks and fishing canoes are more budget friendly than traditional motor-powered fishing boats and make accessing shallower fishing waters while transporting fishing supplies and camping cargo more safe and easy.

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Freshwater Fishing vs Saltwater Fishing

The biggest difference between freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing is the size of the catch. Use a fish finder to scan water levels over 100 feet deep and locate your next river monster or deep-sea game without running aground and causing irreversible boat damage.

Store the best saltwater fishing bait like shrimp, shellfish and other bait fish in a caged or uncaged bait bucket. Saltwater fish can also become mesmerized by brightly-colored fishing lures that emulate natural lively water movements.

Fishing worms and other insect-based live bait are perfect for enticing salmon, trout, bass, walleye and other freshwater fish and make for easy storage in your garage with zero maintenance required between fishing trips. Make sure to avoid getting any sunscreen or insect repellent residue on the bait you use—fish have a knack for sensing unwanted chemicals and scramming.

Fishing Rods & Reels

Ocean catches are typically larger than freshwater catches, which make fishing rods with medium to extra heavy rod power that are thicker, more durable and have the ability to withstand highly corrosive seawater salt and other harsh ingredients of nature, more ideal for reeling in a big kahuna that puts up an even bigger fight.

Fishing Apparel & Rain Gear

Find fishing shirts, vests, sweatshirts, hats and sunglasses for  and waders and boots to protect you against the elements.

Use breathable, water-repellant fishing rain gear to keep you dry and comfortable no matter what bone-chilling weather mother nature throws at you without risking catch quality or angling performance.

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