• Turn over a new leaf and join our team! Stop in at your local Fleet Farm today for an immediate interview. OR APPLY ONLINE NOW!
  • Turn over a new leaf and join our team! Stop in at your local Fleet Farm today for an immediate interview. OR APPLY ONLINE NOW!


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Lures & Bait

Shop All Fishing Bait & Lures

By Bait Type

Try Fleet Farm’s fishing lures for trolling, spincasting, ice fishing, fly fishing and more.

Hard Baits

Hard baits are popular for seasoned anglers and  fishing beginners and mirror the appearance of baitfish with a durable structure that promotes rapid underwater movements and trigger an attack response from bigger game fish who are looking to hunt.


Panther Martin spinners and Blue Fox spinners are flashy fishing bait that whirl around in and move a lot of water to grab a fish’s attention. Spinners are good for catching bigger fish in not-so-clear water like trout and other large river fish due to their swift imitation of swimming movements of smaller fish that bigger fish typically feed on.


Cast and reel in game fish like salmon and trout through Moonshine Lures spoons, ProKing spoons, and Acme Tackle Company spoons by emulating an injured baitfish or minnow through holographic fins, bright coloring, and wobbly, side-to-side swimming patterns.


Kalin’s jigs, K & E Tackle jigs, and Mister Twister jigs will get you ready to catch any big predatory fish through a rattle-based tail stirring up vibrations in the water and are budget friendly making them ideal for recreational or less-experienced anglers who might lose a lure or two.

Soft Baits

Soft plastic lures resemble the natural mushy texture fish find familiar with real prey and encourage them to clench down longer than they might with hard baits making them a perfect bait type to use for both angling beginners and seasoned fishermen.

Live Bait

Fleet Farm’s live bait consists of common fishing community bait staples such as nightcrawlers, earthworms and leeches are good for attracting walleye, trout, bass, and catfish while spikes, otherwise known as maggots, are ideal ice fishing lure.

Preserved Bait

Preserved bait disperses irresistible aromas into the water that are typically packed with savory scents trout and other large game fish are reared on—they’re bound to create a fish feeding frenzy.

Fishing Scents & Fish Attractants

Fish attractants enhance ordinary lures or live bait with scent and flavors and typically come in the form of a water-soluble liquid with easy, mess free application.

DIY Bait Kits

Fishing lure making kits provide an assortment of high-gloss colors and sizes to help you tailor your bait type and make your next big saltwater or freshwater catch 

By Fish Type

Catch freshwater fish of different sizes and species based on their scent and eating preferences. 

Musky Baits

Musky baits target the elusive large game fish through attractive colors and shapes and cut through heavy patches of weeds, reeds, stumps, and other freshwater elements without entanglement issues for maximum flash and sound vibrations. 

Great Lakes Trolling Lures

Freshwater trolling lures include corrosion-free hooks and trigger natural instincts of Midwestern fish like salmon, trout and steelhead through durable, hand-made flashy skirts—perfect for fishing excursions across Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario.

Bass Baits

Good bait for bass comes in three different forms:

  • Bass surface lures are ideal for topwater fishing activity in early spring, at dawn or at dusk when bass are swimming in shallower waters to feed.
  • Bass spinner baits are a universal lure used as largemouth bass bait and smallmouth bass bait due to their versatile appeal to swimmers in varying water depths —the perfect choice for catching bass year round year round.

Bass jigs by Howie’s Tackle and Strike King use simple designs that allow anglers to swim, drag, punch, or twist and entice quick bites making jig bait for bass highly effective in any body of water.

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