To order items as tax exempt you must:

  1. Create an account - select your account from the top gray bar navigation and enter your profile data
  2. Setup a tax exempt profile in your account - select tax exemption from the left navigation and enter the required fields

Types of Exemptions

  1. Farming - once this is selected during your checkout process specific items within your cart may qualify for farm exemption based on state regulations for the state entered on your tax exempt farm profile
  2. Any other (i.e. non profit, school, etc) - once this is selected during your checkout process than all items in your shopping cart qualify for exemption

Claiming Exemptions during your checkout process

  1. Process your checkout as a registered user (account setup with at least 1 tax exemption profile)
  2. Select the tax exempt profile from the drop down on the Shopping Cart Page
    1. If Farm Exemption is selected the column labeled Qualifies for Farm Exemption will enabled checkboxes for the products that qualify based on the state entered in your tax exempt profile. You must then go and check the items that you wish to purchase as tax exempt.
    2. If any other Exemption is selected then all items in your cart will automatically qualify for purchase as tax exempt.