Sprout: A Mills Fleet Farm Tradition


Back in 1955, Hank & Stew Mills set out to create a store that was different than others out there at the time. They offered fleet-type discounts to farmers and took care of the hardworking people of the Midwest. As Mills Fleet Farm expanded into different regions and began reaching new types of customers, the Mills' family wanted to create a line of products that would benefit the very people they set out to serve.

The Sprout© brand was the brainchild of George Everitt, a good friend of Hank & Stew Mills. Derived from the idea of quality ingredients, the name, Sprout is represented with a healthy corn stalk ‘sprouting'. George's creative mind also came up some of our other private label brands, like Milkhouse Brand© & Farm Life©. With George's eye for detail and Hank & Stew's business savvy, the success of these brands was certain.

In 1966, the first Sprout© product, 18% Protein Chunk Style Dog Food, was created. Since it's inception, Sprout© has always been made from quality ingredients and is priced at a fraction of it's name brand counterparts. For example, when you line up our Sprout 21% Protein Chunk Style Dog Food with a name brand chunk-style dog food, ours comes out the winner. Both have the same amount of protein but ours has a lower fat percentage per serving and costs the consumer almost 25% less. When you compare the ingredients, the quality of the products and how much lower our price is, the choice is obvious.

As Sprout© and it's product offering have grown, so has their popularity. Today, there are over 75 different types of feeds, supplements, minerals and milk replacers, all with the name Sprout© on them. What started out as an alternative to name brand dog food has evolved into feeds and supplements for just about every animal in the barnyard! Sprout's© on-going success has been the result of hard work by a lot of people. But just like everything else in life, the hard work involved is what makes it worth it.