Iron Brigade: With Unshakeable Strength

Iron Brigade Tools

During the Sixties, Hank & Stew Mills, with their friend George Everitt, developed a line of gardening and farm tools exclusive to Mills Fleet Farm. They knew they had created a line of tough and durable products but needed a strong name to convey that message. The Mills' chose a name synonymous with strength and toughness. Iron Brigade was a perfect match for Mills Fleet Farm's private label hand tools. The name Iron Brigade came from the 7th infantry, one of the regiments that made up the Union's famous Iron Brigade.

Iron Brigade tools have carved out its name in the minds of Mills Fleet Farm customers as the best value for their dollar. Made from durable materials, they are crafted specifically for tough jobs. All Iron Brigade tools are made of heat-treated, tempered steel, resilient ash or fiberglass.

When compared to other brands, Iron Brigade rates near the top for quality and longevity. Mills Fleet Farm carries a wide selection of Iron Brigade wheelbarrows, shovels, scoops and rakes.