Mills Fleet Farm Announces that the New Line of Huldra Rifles is Now Available Online

Mills Fleet Farm, a leading Midwest retailer, announced that its exclusive brand of rifles and complete uppers, Huldra Mark IV, is now available for sale online. These rifles are manufactured by Adams Arms, the industry leader in piston technology for the AR platform.

Mills Fleet Farm is now selling, via the Internet, a complete line of "Huldra Arms" rifles chambered in 5.56 x 45 and 5.45 x 39. These rifles and uppers can be purchased at www.HuldraArms.com, www.fleetfarm.com, and in all Fleet Farm locations in the upper Midwest. Mills Fleet Farm continues to grow and expand, both on the web and with new store locations, with the latest store construction underway in Carver, Minnesota.

Vice President Stewart C. Mills III commented, "Mills Fleet Farm is very proud of how our shooting sports category has been received by our customers; our employees are excited. For years Fleet Farm has been dominant in the core hunting categories, evidenced by our disproportionate sales of hunting licenses. Now is the right time for us to enter the shooting
sports category in a meaningful way with our Huldra modern sporting rifles, handguns and tactical accessories."

Mills continues, "We are very happy to have Adams Arms as our manufacturing partner in this endeavor. The Adams Arms team not only has the highest quality products and the most innovative solution to the direct impingement problem, they have vision and fearlessness that is so often lacking in modern business. When we decided to get into the ‘shooting sports' part of
the firearms industry, it was clear to us that we had to bring innovative products to market, not just a ‘me too' or old technology. Adams Arms was able to over-deliver in all criteria."

Mills Fleet Farm is a growing, closely held, mutigenerational family business based out of Appleton, Wisconsin and Brainerd, Minnesota with retail 35 locations and on the web at www.fleetfarm.com. The Mills family also has four automobile dealerships (two in Brainerd, MN and two in Willmar, MN), a state-of-the-art body shop facility in Brainerd and a Wholesale Parts supply business based in Willmar, serving the state of Minnesota, areas of North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. The dealership franchises include Ford, Lincoln, GMC Trucks, Buick, Scion, Jeep, Nissan, and Toyota. The Mills family also owns Mills Resolute Bank located in Sanborn, MN.